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Knee Replacement Surgery using Robotic Technology

In this episode we host Dr. Mukesh Laddha. Dr. Mukesh is one of the top Orthopaedic specialists in India. He heads the Center for Robotic Joint Replacement & Sports medicine in Nagpur. Dr. Mukesh is pioneering the use of Robotic technology in joint replacement. We interact with Dr. Mukesh to learn about: Knee arthritis and its types Patients commonly…

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Sports injuries of Knee joint

Knee joint is one of the most commonly injured joint during sports. Knee joint is formed by three bones femur, tibia and patella. It has two cushions inside named meniscus or shock absorbers of the knee. The most important function of the meniscus is to protect the cartilage from early degeneration. Other important functions of meniscus are load distribution,…

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