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Hip Knee Clinic

The hip Clinic aims to give one stop care for all Hip related problems. They can be treated with simple medication properly directed exercise, physical therapy programme and modification in day to day activities. However when necessary our doctor is highly skilled in latest technique of Arthroscopic (Key Hole) surgery and joint replacement surgery.

The services provided in this clinic are:

  • Comprehensive Hip evaluation.
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat acetabular labral injuries.
  • Total Hip replacement surgeries.
  • Revision Hip replacement surgeries.
  • Treatment for Hip problems in Athletes & sports person.

When Should you approach us?

  • I have pain in my hip joint.
  • I have unable to squat or sit crossed leg.
  • After injury my hip is not functioning properly.
  • I have arthritis of hip joint.
  • Someone advised me Total Hip Replacement.

When is Hip Joint Replacement Done?

Wear and tear of articular cartilage leads to arthritis of the hip joint. The typical symptoms are pain / crepitus, deformity and restriction of movement, unable to squat and sit in cross leg position. Early arthritis can be managed with proper exercise, physiotherapy, activity modification and medicine. Advance arthritis needs Total Hip Replacement

When is Hip Arthroscopic Done?

It is less frequently done procedure young person or athletes who complain of pain in hip joint on squatting may suffer from femoro – acetabular impingement. These patient and some with loose bodies or synovitis need Arthroscopic (Key Hole) surgery.