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The Knee Clinic

The Knee clinic aims to give one-stop care for all knee-related problems. They can be treated with simple medication, properly directed exercise and physical therapy programme and modification in day to day activities. However, when necessary our doctor is highly skilled in the latest technique of Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery and joint replacement surgery.

The services provided in this clinic are:

  • Robotic Knee Replacement
  • Comprehensive Knee Evaluation.
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat Ligament Injuries like ACL tear, PCL tear or Multifilament tears.
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat Menicus Injury.
  • Keyhole surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat Chondral injury.
  • Keyhole surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat stiff and painful knee.
  • Total knee replacement surgeries.
  • Revision knee replacement surgeries.
  • Treatment for knee problems in Athletes &sports person.
  • Partial Knee Replacement.

When Should you approach us?

  • I have repeated instability (giving way) episode of my knee.
  • I have repeated locking episode of my knee.
  • I have noises while moving my knees.
  • After injury, my knee is not functioning properly.
  • I have pain in my knee while squatting or climbing stairs.
  • I have difficulty in walking or I can only few steps due to Knee pain.
  • I have a stiff shoulder.
  • My knees are getting deformed.
  • I have a stiff Knee.
  • I have recurrent patella (Knee cap) dislocation
  • Someone had advised me total knee replacement

What is ACL /PCL Ligament Injuries?

The knee joint is stabilized by Cruciate (ACL/PCL) and Collateral (MCL/LCL) ligaments. ACL tear is the most common injury. This ligament injury results in a frequent episode of instability or giving way sensation. Mild to moderate injuries can be treated with medicine and proper physiotherapy. Complete ligament tear needs Arthroscopic stabilization surgery.

What is Meniscus Injuries?

There are two menisci (Medical & Lateral) in the knee joint. They function as shock absorbers and load shearing device. Any injury, fall or accident can cause meniscus tear resulting in pain and locking episode of the knee joint. Keyhole surgery (Arthroscopy) is necessary in such cases.

When is Joint Replacement Done?

Wear and tear of articular cartilage lead to arthritis (Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis) of the knee joint. The typical symptoms are pain, crepitus and restriction of movements unable to squat and sit cross leg position; difficulty in walking early arthritis can be managed with proper exercise, physiotherapy, activity modification and medicines. Advance arthritis needs Total Knee Replacement.

Patient Videos – Robotic Knee Replacement

Dr.Raju Deshmukh owner of Suretech Hospital underwent Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement expressing his views

Mr.Mohabey from Chindwara underwent Conventional Total Knee Replacement ,3 years back.Now in the other Knee Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement

65 Yr patient Mrs.Bharme underwent Bilateral Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement 6 weeks ago sharing her experience about the Surgery

Mr.Wasudeorao Kolte underwent Bilateral Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement expressing his views and walking comfortably the third day after surgery

Mrs .Nathu from Indore 48 hours after surgery walking comfortably and climbing stairs