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The Shoulder Clinic

The Shoulder Clinic aims to give one stop care for all shoulder related problems. They can be treated with simple medication, properly directed exercise and physical therapy programme and modification in day to day activities. However when necessary our doctor is highly skilled in latest technique of Arthroscopic (Key Hole) surgery and Joint replacement surgery.

The services provided in this clinic are:

  • Comprehensive Shoulder evaluation
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat recurrent dislocation
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat Rotator Cuff Problems.
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat Stiff & Painful Shoulders.
  • Total & Partial Shoulder replacement Surgeries.
  • Treatment for Shoulder problems in Athletes & Sports person.

When Should you approach us?

  • I have repeated shoulder dislocations.
  • I have pain in shoulder while exercising.
  • I have noises while moving my shoulder.
  • I have pain while raising my arm.
  • I have pain when i touch the opposite shoulder.
  • I have difficulty or unable to raise my arm.
  • I have a stiff shoulder.

What is Shoulder Instability?

The ball and socket shoulder joint is a versatile joint and is held together by ligament and muscles. When this structure are torn or stretched, the shoulder becomes unstable. The typical symptoms of instability are a feeling of apprehension or fear when using arm for overhead activities.Majority of patients are treated with physiotherapy and strengthening of muscles around shoulder joint. Those who have persistent symptoms and those who have repeated dislocations are treated with arthroscopic stabilization surgery.

What is Rotator Cuff Tear/Tendintis?

Shoulder Joint is protected by four tendons called as rotator cuff. Trauma, repetitive overhead activities, hooked acromion; degeneration can lead to inflammation or rupture of rotator cuff tendon. The typical symptoms is a constant ache radiating down the outer aspect of shoulder and elbow, become worse on lying down and difficulty in rasing the arm. Conservative treatment in formof medicine and physiotherapy gives excellent result in inflammation/tendintis. Arthroscopy (Key Hole Surgery) is necessary in case of rupture or tear of rotator cuff tendon.

When is Shoulder Replacement Done?

Wear and tear of articular cartilage leads to arthritis (Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis) of the shoulder joint. The typical symptoms are pain, crepitus and restriction of movements. The concept of shoulder joint replacement is similar to hip and knee joint replacement which are more commonly done.
Here the arthritic bone is removed from upper end of humerus (Arm bone) and replaced by steel ball while the socket (Glenoid) is replaced by plastic linear. Humeral head resurfacing (HHR), Hamiarthroplasty and Total Shoulder Replacement are various replacement options available.