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Robotic Surgery

Dr. Mukesh Laddha is doing exclusive super specialty orthopaedic practice in field of Arthoscopy, Joint Replacement and Sport medicine at RNH since 2010. He has mastered himself in surgeries that help in managing Shoulder, Knee & Hip Joint Injuries. Only surgeon in central India doing Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgeries.


The most advanced and recent development in field of orthopaedics is involment of ROBOTICS in joint replacement surgeries. ROBOTIC ASSISTED TOTAL/ PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT is a boon to all patients with Knee osteoarthritis as it’s an amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Human Brain and Surgeon Skills.

Robotic assisted Knee replacement maps the Knee and with the help of 3D Programme matches that with the implants, as per specific dimension of individidual’s Knee. This helps in placing the implants in accurate position and perfect alignment. Robotic arm take cuts in bone with accurate precision thus eliminating human error and helps in anatomical placement of implants without much bone loss.
It respect surrounding soft tissue and ligaments to attain normal balance between implants and ligaments which result in less pain and fast recovery after surgery. All this helps to achieve normal biomechanics and balanced kinematics of knee joints which increases the longevity of total/partial knee replacement surgery.

  • Bone Preserving
  • Ligament Protection
  • Less Pain
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Minimal Physiotherapy
  • Fast Recovery
  • Short Hospital Stay
  • Consistent Result
  • Enhance Longevity
  • Normal Knee Feeling